Schedule of Faith Formation/Youth Ministry


Download the 2017- 2018 schedule here FFYM Schedule 2017-2018.


Works of Mercy Online Lessons

These online lessons contain many resources, and may be used:

• by individuals anytime, anywhere.
• in group settings — families, faith sharing groups, faith formation programs, and schools.
• in “flipped” classroom situations for people to view before meeting face to face.

You may just want to use a suggested video, story, or question in anyway that helps us recognize that God’s mercy is anytime, anywhere, and we are called to be merciful as well.

The structure of the lesson is based on Msgr. Francis Kelly’s Ecclesial Method.

October’s Lession: Pray for the Living and the Dead
September’s Lesson: Bear Wrongs Patiently
August’s Lesson: Admonish Sinners
July’s Lesson: Counsel the Doubtful/Instruct the Ignorant
June’s Lesson: Visit the Sick
May’s Lesson: Bury the Dead
April’s Lesson: Clothe the Naked
March’s Lesson: Feed the Hungry and Give Drink to the Thirsty
February’s Lesson: Forgive All Offenses/Injury
January’s Lesson: Comfort the Afflicted (Sorrowful)
December’s Lesson: Shelter the Homeless/Welcome the Stranger


Catholic Education Ministries

cem staff

  • serves as the catechetical office for the Diocese of Saint Cloud. This office provides service to Catholic Schools, Religious Education/Faith formation for Preschool through adults, Sacramental Preparation and Youth Ministry.
  • assists Catholic schools in curriculum development, accreditation process, leadership, board of education in-services and teacher training including the integration of technology in the curriculum.
  • provides ongoing opportunities for faith formation for Directors of Religious Education, Youth Ministers, Principals and Parish staffs.  This office coordinates youth involvement in retreats, national conventions, youth rallies and service opportunities.

The mission of the Catholic Education Ministries Office is to journey with and empower parishes in visioning and providing excellence in life-long Catholic Faith Formation.